License Box

If you would like to add licensing information to your own page, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Add this to the bottom of the page, below the wikiwalk footer:

[[include :scpvnsandbox2:component:license-box]]
> **Filename:**
> **Name:** (if different from filename)
> **Author:**
> **License:**
> **Source Link:**
> **Derivative of:** (If applicable)
> **Additional Notes:** (Optional)
[[include :scp-wiki:component:license-box-end]]

You can also use this handy box-ify-er:


  • You cannot use some modules, including CSS, HTML, and listpages, inside the license section. You also cannot use collapsibles or tables.
  • If your footnotes are appearing after the license section, add [[footnoteblock]] above the license template.
  • Do not copy or move the ===== elements. Only have one pair, and place that pair below and above the includes.

Step 2
Add the _licensebox tag to the page.

Step 3 (optional)

You can change the name of the author in the pre-generated attribution by specifying the author variable |author=. This is particularly useful for co-authored works, works in which you wish to be credited under another alias, or works which are attributed via metadata. Add the variable like this:

[[include :scpvnsandbox2:component:license-box

[[div class="licensebox"]]
[[collapsible show="‡ Licensing / Citation" hide="‡ Hide Licensing / Citation"]]
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For more information, see Licensing Guide.
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